Sunday, August 2, 2009

[Book] Muslim: A Moment in Time by Sumayah Rose

Here, I have a news for my blog readers. Sumayah Rose, who reverted to Islam is planning to write a book on her reversion story, she will also write the reversion stories of other new Muslims. She regularly posts video on her video blog. Recently, sister Sumayah also started her blog, you can read her post on Sumayahrose's Blog.

I want only thing from readers that they just visit on Sumayah blog. Comment on her posts. Give your ideas, so she can put those ideas on her new book.

You can read more about her Dawah Book Project.

Edit: This book is not just a convert story, but will cover overall life of a new Muslim with each and every aspect of life.

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  1. Salam Brother
    Jazakhallah Kiron.
    I emailed you more info about my book. Its not a conversion story. But for Dawah. I want it to be a collection of essays that are stories about a moment in our lives. So non-muslims connect to us as humans and islam indirectly. Thou I will provide information about Islam in the end of the book. I have all the details in several blogs on my blog, sumayahrose at word press.Thank you all and may ALLAH reward all of us. May he increase our ajar/baraka, iman and forgive us all our sins.
    Barak ALLAH Feek