Saturday, May 16, 2009

Urdenglish or Minglish as an official language of blogger

Cyber arena of modern world is heavily influenced by English language. English is still dominant language in the current free states of former British Empire. Urdu is national language of Pakistan, but English considered official language of Pakistan.

Satellite and Cyber world is forming new language which use the mix of Urdu and English. Some define it as Minglish or Urdenglish.

I personally think that it should be added in the list of official languages of the world with either Minglish or Urdenglish.

UTP defines it as "Minglish is a language famous with South Asians which mix Urdu or Hindi while basically speaking English on the outlook. It is a combination of Mix or Mingle with English to come up with the Portmanteau Word , Minglish"

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