Monday, February 11, 2008

r@nd0m th0ughT

These are my top ten random thoughts.

  1. My plans about Business Intelligence.
  2. Community service
  3. Interviewes
  4. My dream state is California
  5. Houston is the Hyderabad of United States.
  6. I'm missing 4 years.
  7. Hammad Bhai's thand.
  8. What about bacha (Shaikh Mohsin Zaki).
  9. Hey, Omair Siddiqi, whare are you?
  10. Ali Raza Shaikh, I'm motivated by you.


  1. not gumshuda.
    its mean university life, friends, home, boat besson, tensions, etc.

  2. 1. InshAllah! you will be a Cheeta in SAP.

    2. Yup, DevNext :)

    3. Good Luck!

    4. Ahem Ahem ...

    5. Oye! Hyderabad mera hometown hai!

    6. Hahahaha! sahi bata? you are the first person i know who is missing FAST

    7. Indeed!

    8. ?

    9. Fastian hai? GOF per mail kar day phir :)

    10. Motivated by me? Kheriat? :)

  3. Shaikh Mohsin Zaki is fastian. If you saw the little in Kameez Shalwar with Hammad Bhai. I dont know why he is not using internet. I think he is away from all communication stuff.

    Omiar Siddiqi is not fastian. But after this post I contacted him.

    Hyderabad bolay to Houston ki halat ussi tarah hai. Mager Hyderabad ziyadha achha hoga.