Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Orkut start to compete Facebook

Due to recent popularity of facebook features, lot of orkut users started facebook network for their social networking, Google open its door for 3rd party developers to add new features and enhancements.

Reference: http://en.blog.orkut.com/2007/11/orkut-opens-to-developers.html


  1. Well... i just know one thing that orkut is easy to use and better than facebook... and i have heard this thing from many other persons...

  2. @Namit:
    You are correct, orkut is easy to use.
    But Facebook is getting popularity day by day because of its applications, which embed in user profile.

    Application concept is really a threat to big giants of social networking like myspace and orkut. Myspace included this feature in March 2008. Orkut is still struggling with American market of users, but myspace has already great and vast majority of American users.

    Currently, Facebook and Myspace are real competitor to each other. Facebook is not only popular in Europe but also in America, where as Orkut has great influence on South American and Asian markets.

    Frankly speaking, myspace has no user market in Asia. Overall analysis of these competition is that Facebook is in very good situation, where it containing Asian, European and American markets.